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Criteria:   found in Ventura County  •   is native  •   likely to occur in wetlands  •  group by lifeform
775  records include photos for these plants # number of sources
Scientific Name Common Name Lifeform #
  Lifeform: Annual208 plants
  Lifeform: Perennial484 plants
  Lifeform: Fern21 plants
Adiantum capillus-veneris Maidenhair fern Fern 14
Adiantum jordanii California maidenhair fern Fern 4
Azolla filiculoides Mosquito fern Fern  
Azolla mexicana Mexican mosquito fern Fern  
Botrychium simplex Little grape fern Fern  
Botrychium virginianum Rattlesnake fern Fern  
Equisetum arvense Common horsetail Fern 6
Equisetum hyemale Scouringrush horsetail Fern 31
Equisetum hyemale ssp. affine Giant scouring rush Fern 7
Equisetum hyemale var. affine Scouringrush horsetail Fern 4
Equisetum laevigatum Smooth scouring rush Fern 2
Equisetum telmateia Giant horsetail Fern 3
Equisetum telmateia ssp. braunii Giant horsetail Fern 1
Equisetum telmateia var. braunii Giant horsetail Fern 1
Isoetes bolanderi var. pygmaea Bolander's quillwort Fern  
Isoetes howellii Quillwort Fern  
Isoetes howellii var. minima Howell's quillwort Fern  
Marsilea vestita Hairy waterclover Fern 6
Marsilea vestita ssp. vestita Hairy pepperwort Fern 5
Pilularia americana Pillwort Fern  
Woodwardia fimbriata Western chain fern Fern 32
  Lifeform: Shrub46 plants
Allenrolfea occidentalis Iodine bush Shrub  
Atriplex lentiformis Big saltbush Shrub 33
Atriplex lentiformis ssp. breweri Quailbush Shrub 14
Atriplex lentiformis ssp. lentiformis Brewer's saltbrush Shrub 3
Atriplex lentiformis ssp. torreyi Torrey's saltbush Shrub  
Baccharis salicifolia Mule fat Shrub 27
Baccharis salicifolia ssp. salicifolia Mule fat Shrub 8
Baccharis salicina Willow baccharis Shrub 7
Batis maritima Saltwort Shrub  
Cephalanthus occidentalis var. californicus California buttonbush Shrub 14
Cornus glabrata Brown dogwood Tree, Shrub 11
Cornus sericea ssp. sericea Red osier dogwood Shrub 34
Empetrum nigrum ssp. hermaphroditum Black crowberry Shrub 1
Empetrum nigrum ssp. nigrum Black crowberry Shrub  
Isocoma menziesii White flowered goldenbush Shrub 17
Isocoma menziesii var. menziesii Menzies' goldenbush Shrub 5
Isocoma menziesii var. sedoides White flowered dune goldenbush Shrub 1
Isocoma menziesii var. vernonioides Green leaved dune goldenbush Shrub  
Kalmia polifolia ssp. microphylla Bog laurel Shrub 2
Kalmia polifolia ssp. polifolia Mountain laurel Shrub 1
Morella californica California wax myrtle Shrub 54
Pluchea sericea Arrow weed Shrub 7
Polygala cornuta var. fishiae Fish's milkwort Shrub  
Prosopis pubescens Screw bean mesquite Tree, Shrub 7
Ribes aureum Golden currant Shrub 51
Ribes aureum var. gracillimum Golden currant Shrub 9
Ribes divaricatum var. divaricatum Spreading gooseberry Shrub  
Ribes nevadense Mountain pink currant Shrub 11
Ribes viscosissimum var. hallii Hall's sticky currant Shrub  
Rosa californica California wild rose Shrub 54
Rubus spectabilis var. franciscanus Salmon berry Shrub 22
Rubus spectabilis var. spectabilis Salmonberry Shrub 22
Salix brachycarpa ssp. brachycarpa Short fruited willow Shrub  
Salix breweri Serpentine willow Shrub 1
Salix exigua Narrowleaf willow Tree, Shrub 27
Salix exigua var. exigua Narrowleaf willow Tree, Shrub 2
Salix exigua var. hindsiana Sandbar willow Tree, Shrub 26
Salix lasiolepis Arroyo willow Tree, Shrub 25
Salix lasiolepis var. bigelovii Arroyo willow Tree, Shrub 25
Salix melanopsis Dusky willow Tree, Shrub 4
Salix planifolia ssp. planifolia Tea leaved willow Shrub  
Salix reticulata ssp. nivalis Snow willow Shrub  
Suaeda californica California seablite Shrub 1
Suaeda taxifolia Seablite Shrub 4
Vaccinium uliginosum ssp. uliginosum European blueberry Shrub  
Vitis girdiana Southern california grape Vine, Shrub 12
  Lifeform: Tree16 plants
NB: found in Ventura County is intended to indicate only plants found growing in the wild. However, the evidence is not always clear, and may occasionally include plants found in cultivation. To verify the wild presence of any particular plant in the list above, please click through to Calflora and look closely at the observations in this county.