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What is a Checklist?
A checklist is a list of plants, with an optional comment about each plant. To define an electronic checklist in CNPLX, you need a session. When you start a session, the website sets a 90-minute cookie on your browser. During this period, checklist data can be stored temporarily on the server. Only one checklist can be defined at a time.
Defining a Checklist
1. You can define a checklist by adding plants one-by-one. To add a plant, go to the species page for the plant you want to add, and press Add to Checklist.

To remove a plant from the current checklist, go to the species page for that plant, and press Remove from Checklist.

2. You can also use the CHECKLIST ENTRY page to define a checklist. This page will analyze a webpage or other document, and put all of the species names it finds into a checklist. If you have existing checklist files in Excell or Word, you can cut and paste the text right into this page. CHECKLIST ENTRY
Saving a Checklist to a Local File
Once a checklist is defined, you can save it on your local computer as an XML file. When you press the SAVE button, you will see an XML representation of the checklist in a new browser window. Select View Source from the browser. In the source window, select File / SaveAs, and make up a name for the file that ends in .xml. Then save the file in your checklists folder. SAVE
If you have previously save a checklist as an XML file on your computer, you can bring it back into your current CNPLX session by pressing RESTORE. RESTORE