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Criteria:   found in Stanislaus County  •   is not native  •  group by lifeform
508  records include photos for these plants # number of sources
Scientific Name Common Name Lifeform #
  Lifeform: Annual268 plants
  Lifeform: Biennial1 plant
  Lifeform: Perennial137 plants
  Lifeform: Fern2 plants
  Lifeform: Shrub48 plants
  Lifeform: Tree47 plants
Acer palmatum Japanese maple Tree 9
Ailanthus altissima ! Tree of heaven Tree 2
Alnus cordata Italian alder Tree 7
Arbutus unedo Strawberry tree Tree 15
Catalpa bignonioides Southern catalpa Tree 1
Cedrus deodara Deodar cedar Tree 9
Celtis sinensis Chinese hackberry Tree 6
Cinnamomum camphora Camphortree Tree 6
Cupaniopsis anacardioides Carrotwood Tree 5
Cupressus sempervirens Italian cypress Tree 13
Eriobotrya japonica Loquat Tree 4
Eucalyptus camaldulensis ! Red gum Tree 2
Eucalyptus globulus ! Blue gum Tree 4
Eucalyptus pulverulenta Money tree Tree 1
Eucalyptus sideroxylon Red iron bark Tree 2
Eucalyptus tereticornis Forest red gum Tree  
Feijoa sellowiana Pineapple guava Tree 8
Ficus carica ! Common fig Tree 1
Ginkgo biloba Ginkgo Tree 11
Juglans regia English walnut Tree 1
Liquidambar styraciflua Sweetgum Tree 7
Magnolia grandiflora Southern magnolia Tree 8
Melaleuca citrina Tree  
Melia azedarach China berry tree Tree 5
Metasequoia glyptostroboides Dawn redwood Tree 4
Morus alba Mulberry Tree 8
Nerium oleander Oleander Tree 8
Picea abies Norway spruce Tree 6
Pinus canariensis Canary island pine Tree 5
Pinus halepensis Aleppo pine Tree 9
Pinus mugo Mugo pine Tree 5
Pistacia chinensis Chinese pistachio Tree 11
Populus deltoides Eastern cottonwood Tree 3
Prunus armeniaca Apricot Tree  
Prunus avium Sweet cherry Tree 1
Prunus cerasifera ! Cherry plum Tree 8
Prunus dulcis Almond Tree  
Prunus persica Peach Tree 4
Pyrus calleryana ! Callery pear Tree 7
Quercus ilex Holly oak Tree 7
Robinia pseudoacacia ! Black locust Tree 6
Salix nigra Black willow Tree 8
Sapium sebiferum Chinese tallow Tree 6
Schinus molle ! Peruvian pepper tree Tree 9
Taxodium distichum Bald cypress Tree 5
Triadica sebifera ! Chinese tallowtree Tree 6
Ulmus parvifolia Siberian elm Tree 10
  Lifeform: Vine2 plants
Pink background indicates a plant is non-native.
! indicates a plant is potentially invasive.
NB: found in Stanislaus County is intended to indicate only plants found growing in the wild. However, the evidence is not always clear, and may occasionally include plants found in cultivation. To verify the wild presence of any particular plant in the list above, please click through to Calflora and look closely at the observations in this county.