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Criteria:   found in Modoc County  •   is not native  •  group by lifeform
357  records include photos for these plants # number of sources
Scientific Name Common Name Lifeform #
  Lifeform: Annual173 plants
  Lifeform: Biennial2 plants
  Lifeform: Perennial157 plants
  Lifeform: Shrub19 plants
Betula papyrifera Paper birch Shrub 22
Cercis canadensis Eastern redbud Tree, Shrub 67
Cytisus scoparius ! Scotch broom Shrub 1
Elaeagnus angustifolia ! Russian olive Tree, Shrub 2
Eriogonum microthecum var. microthecum Slender buckwheat Shrub  
Holodiscus dumosus Rockspirea Shrub 40
Hypericum androsaemum ! Sweet amber Shrub 3
Juniperus monosperma Oneseed juniper Shrub 2
Lycium barbarum Matrimony vine Shrub 1
Rosa rubiginosa Sweet brier Shrub 3
Rubus armeniacus ! Himalayan blackberry Shrub  
Rubus discolor Blackberry Shrub  
Senecio lugens Small blacktip ragwort Shrub  
Solanum dulcamara Bittersweet Vine, Shrub 1
Solanum physalifolium Hoe nightshade Shrub  
Solanum villosum Hairy nightshade Shrub  
Symphoricarpos oreophilus var. oreophilus Mountain snowberry Shrub  
Syringa vulgaris Common lilac Vine, Shrub 5
Tamarix ramosissima ! Tamarisk Tree, Shrub  
  Lifeform: Tree5 plants
Pink background indicates a plant is non-native.
! indicates a plant is potentially invasive.
NB: found in Modoc County is intended to indicate only plants found growing in the wild. However, the evidence is not always clear, and may occasionally include plants found in cultivation. To verify the wild presence of any particular plant in the list above, please click through to Calflora and look closely at the observations in this county.