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Calflora follows three nomenclature authorities for wild plants in California: 1. The Jepson Manual and subsequent work available on the Index of California Plant Names (ICPN); 2. USDA PLANTS ; and 3. CNPS (Inventory of Rare and Endangered Plants). This application will analyze a list of scientific plant names, and report on which names are recognized by which authority. Calflora updates data from each authority several times a year.

CNPS is concerned with about 2200 rare plants. ICPN and PLANTS endeavor to cover the entire spectrum of wild plants. The salient point of difference between these two is whether a particular name is considered to be current or a synonym (a past name that has been changed). While ICPN and PLANTS do agree on most names, there are cases in which they present contradictory interpretations. For instance, in ICPN, Berberis aquifolium is a current name and Mahonia aquifolium is a synonym of it; in PLANTS, Mahonia aquifolium is a current name and Berberis aquifolium is a synonym of it.

In the Plant Names area below, enter one scientific plant name on each line. If a particular name is not found, it may be either because it is not spelled correctly or because it is not considered to occur wild in California.

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