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Criteria:   found in Mono County  •   is native  •  group by lifeform
3123  records include photos for these plants # number of sources
Scientific Name Common Name Lifeform #
  Lifeform: Annual744 plants
  Lifeform: Biennial2 plants
  Lifeform: Perennial1918 plants
  Lifeform: Fern57 plants
Adiantum aleuticum Five finger fern Fern 9
Argyrochosma jonesii Jones' false cloak fern Fern  
Aspidotis densa Lace fern Fern 1
Athyrium distentifolium Fern  
Athyrium distentifolium var. americanum American alpine lady fern Fern  
Athyrium filix-femina Common ladyfern Fern 19
Athyrium filix-femina ssp. cyclosorum Subarctic ladyfern Fern  
Athyrium filix-femina var. cyclosorum Western lady fern Fern 1
Azolla filiculoides Mosquito fern Fern  
Azolla mexicana Mexican mosquito fern Fern  
Azolla microphylla Mexican mosquito fern Fern  
Botrychium ascendens Upswept moonwort Fern (rhizomatous)  
Botrychium crenulatum Scalloped moonwort Fern (rhizomatous)  
Botrychium lineare Narrowleaf grapefern Fern  
Botrychium lunaria Common moonwort Fern (rhizomatous)  
Botrychium minganense Mingan moonwort Fern (rhizomatous)  
Botrychium paradoxum Paradox moonwort Fern  
Botrychium simplex Little grape fern Fern  
Botrychium simplex var. compositum Little grapefern Fern  
Botrychium simplex var. simplex Least moonwort Fern  
Botrychium yaaxudakeit Giant moonwort Fern  
Cheilanthes covillei Coville's lip fern Fern 4
Cheilanthes gracillima Lace lip fern Fern 1
Cheilanthes intertexta Coastal lipfern Fern  
Cryptogramma acrostichoides American parsley fern Fern  
Cryptogramma cascadensis Cascade parsely fern Fern  
Cystopteris fragilis Brittle fern Fern 1
Dryopteris arguta Wood fern Fern 7
Dryopteris filix-mas Male fern Fern (rhizomatous) 5
Equisetum arvense Common horsetail Fern 6
Equisetum hyemale Scouringrush horsetail Fern 31
Equisetum hyemale ssp. affine Giant scouring rush Fern 7
Equisetum hyemale var. affine Scouringrush horsetail Fern 4
Equisetum laevigatum Smooth scouring rush Fern 2
Equisetum telmateia Giant horsetail Fern 3
Equisetum telmateia ssp. braunii Giant horsetail Fern 1
Equisetum telmateia var. braunii Giant horsetail Fern 1
Isoetes bolanderi Bolander's quillwort Fern  
Isoetes bolanderi var. pygmaea Bolander's quillwort Fern  
Isoetes howellii Quillwort Fern  
Isoetes occidentalis Western quillwort Fern  
Myriopteris covillei Coville's lip fern Fern 4
Myriopteris gracillima Lace lip fern Fern 1
Myriopteris intertexta Coastal lip fern Fern  
Pellaea breweri Brewer's cliff brake Fern  
Pellaea bridgesii Bridges' cliff brake Fern 1
Pellaea mucronata Bird's foot fern Fern 2
Pentagramma triangularis Gold back fern Fern 3
Pentagramma triangularis ssp. semipallida Pale gold back fern Fern 3
Pentagramma triangularis ssp. triangularis Gold back fern Fern  
Pilularia americana Pillwort Fern  
Polystichum kruckebergii Kruckeberg's sword fern Fern (rhizomatous)  
Pteridium aquilinum Western brackenfern Fern 5
Pteridium aquilinum var. pubescens Western bracken fern Fern  
Selaginella watsonii Watson's spike moss Fern (mosslike)  
Woodsia oregana Cliff fern Fern  
Woodsia scopulina Cliff fern Fern  
  Lifeform: Shrub359 plants
  Lifeform: Tree34 plants
Pink background indicates a plant is non-native.
! indicates a plant is potentially invasive.
NB: found in Mono County is intended to indicate only plants found growing in the wild. However, the evidence is not always clear, and may occasionally include plants found in cultivation. To verify the wild presence of any particular plant in the list above, please click through to Calflora and look closely at the observations in this county.