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Criteria:   found in Alpine County  •   is not native  •  group by lifeform
203  records include photos for these plants # number of sources
Scientific Name Common Name Lifeform #
  Lifeform: Annual74 plants
  Lifeform: Biennial1 plant
  Lifeform: Perennial113 plants
Achnatherum nelsonii ssp. nelsonii Columbia needlegrass Perennial grass  
Acroptilon repens ! Russian knapweed Perennial herb  
Agropyron cristatum Crested wheatgrass Perennial grass 5
Agropyron cristatum ssp. pectinatum Crested wheatgrass Perennial grass 3
Agropyron desertorum Desert crested wheatgrass Perennial grass 3
Agrostis capillaris Colonial bentgrass Perennial grass 2
Agrostis gigantea Creeping bentgras Perennial grass 4
Agrostis stolonifera ! Redtop Perennial grass 1
Allium vineale Vineyard onion Perennial herb (bulb)  
Antennaria alpina Alpine pussytoes Perennial herb 1
Anthemis tinctoria Golden margeurite Perennial herb  
Arrhenatherum elatius Tall oatgrass Perennial grass 2
Artemisia vulgaris Common wormwood Perennial herb, Shrub 2
Barbarea vulgaris Yellow rocket Perennial herb  
Bromus inermis Smooth brome Perennial grass 3
Bromus inermis ssp. inermis Smooth brome Perennial grass  
Cardaria draba Heart podded hoary cress Perennial herb  
Cardaria pubescens White top Perennial herb  
Carduus nutans ! Nodding plumeless thistle Perennial herb  
Castilleja glandulifera Gland indian paintbrush Perennial herb  
Centaurea biebersteinii Spotted knapweed Perennial herb  
Centaurea diffusa ! Diffuse knapweed Perennial herb  
Centaurea maculosa Spotted knapweed Perennial herb  
Centaurea stoebe Spotted knapweed Perennial herb  
Centaurea stoebe ssp. micranthos ! Spotted knapweed Perennial herb  
Cerastium alpinum Alpine chickweed Perennial herb 1
Cerastium fontanum Common mouse ear chickweed Perennial herb  
Cerastium fontanum ssp. vulgare Common chickweed Perennial herb  
Cichorium intybus Chicory Perennial herb 9
Cirsium arvense ! Canada thistle Perennial herb  
Cirsium vulgare ! Bullthistle Perennial herb  
Conium maculatum ! Poison hemlock Perennial herb  
Convolvulus arvensis Field bindweed Perennial herb, Vine  
Cota tinctoria Golden marguerite Perennial herb  
Cynodon dactylon ! Bermuda grass Perennial grass 4
Dactylis glomerata ! Orchardgrass Perennial grass 6
Daucus carota Carrot Perennial herb 2
Elymus hispidus Intermediate wheatgrass Perennial grass 6
Elymus repens Quack grass Perennial grass  
Elymus subsecundus Bearded wheatgrass Perennial grass  
Elytrigia intermedia Intermediate wheatgrass Perennial grass 4
Elytrigia intermedia ssp. barbulata Barbed intermediate wheatgrass Perennial grass 1
Elytrigia intermedia ssp. intermedia Intermediate wheatgrass Perennial grass 2
Elytrigia repens Quack grass Perennial grass  
Eriogonum effusum Spreading buckwheat Perennial herb  
Festuca pratensis Meadow fescue Perennial grass 2
Festuca trachyphylla Rough leaved fescue Perennial grass 1
Foeniculum vulgare ! Fennel Perennial herb 4
Galium tinctorium Stiff marsh bedstraw Perennial herb  
Grindelia squarrosa Curlycup gumweed Perennial herb  
Grindelia squarrosa var. serrulata Curlycup gumweed Perennial herb  
Heracleum sphondylium Eltrot Perennial herb 8
Holcus lanatus ! Common velvetgrass Perennial grass  
Humulus lupulus Common hop Perennial herb 5
Hypericum perforatum ! Klamathweed Perennial herb 2
Hypericum perforatum ssp. perforatum Klamathweed Perennial herb  
Hypochaeris radicata ! Hairy cats ear Perennial herb  
Lathyrus latifolius ! Sweet pea Perennial herb 3
Lepidium appelianum ! Hairy whitetop Perennial herb  
Lepidium draba ! Whitetop Perennial herb  
Lepidium latifolium ! Perennial pepperweed Perennial herb  
Leucanthemum vulgare ! Oxe eye daisy Perennial herb 6
Linaria dalmatica Dalmatian toadflax Perennial herb  
Linaria dalmatica ssp. dalmatica ! Dalmatian toadflax Perennial herb  
Linaria genistifolia Broomleaf toadflax Perennial herb  
Linaria genistifolia ssp. dalmatica Dalmatian toad flax Perennial herb  
Linum perenne Blue flax Perennial herb 39
Lolium perenne Perennial rye grass Perennial grass 5
Lotus corniculatus Bird's foot trefoil Perennial herb 8
Marrubium vulgare ! White horehound Perennial herb 4
Medicago sativa Alfalfa Perennial herb 3
Mentha pulegium ! Pennyroyal Perennial herb 6
Minuartia rossii Ross' sandwort Perennial herb  
Myosotis scorpioides Forget me not Perennial herb 3
Nepeta cataria Catnip Perennial herb 7
Onopordum acanthium ! Scotch cottonthistle Perennial herb  
Oxalis articulata ssp. rubra Windowbox woodsorrel Perennial herb  
Oxalis rubra Red oxalis Perennial herb  
Pastinaca sativa Wild parsnip Perennial herb  
Phleum pratense Common timothy Perennial grass 4
Plantago lanceolata ! Ribwort Perennial herb  
Plantago major Common plantain Perennial herb 2
Poa bulbosa Bulbous blue grass Perennial grass  
Poa bulbosa ssp. vivipara Bulbous blue grass Perennial grass  
Poa bulbosa var. vivipara Perennial grass  
Poa compressa Canada blue grass Perennial grass 6
Poa palustris Fowl bluegrass Perennial grass 3
Poa pratensis ! Kentucky blue grass Perennial grass 2
Poa pratensis ssp. angustifolia Narrow leaved kentucky blue grass Perennial grass  
Poa pratensis ssp. pratensis Kentucky blue grass Perennial grass  
Polemonium caeruleum Charity Perennial herb 3
Poterium sanguisorba Garden burnet Perennial herb 6
Puccinellia distans European alkali grass Perennial grass 4
Ranunculus repens ! Crowfoot, creeping buttercup Perennial herb 2
Rhaponticum repens ! Russian knapweed Perennial herb  
Rumex acetosella ! Sheep sorrel Perennial herb 1
Rumex crispus ! Curly dock Perennial herb 4
Rumex obtusifolius Broadleaf dock Perennial herb  
Sanguisorba minor ssp. muricata Garden burnet Perennial herb  
Saponaria officinalis ! Bouncing bet Perennial herb 2
Solidago altissima ssp. altissima Late goldenrod Perennial herb  
Tanacetum parthenium Feverfew Perennial herb 8
Taraxacum officinale Red seeded dandelion Perennial herb 1
Thinopyrum intermedium Intermediate wheatgrass Perennial grass 1
Tragopogon dubius Goat's beard Perennial herb  
Trifolium hybridum Alsike clover Perennial herb 4
Trifolium pratense Red clover Perennial herb 7
Trifolium repens White clover Perennial herb 9
Valeriana capitata Captiate valerian Perennial herb  
Verbascum thapsus ! Woolly mullein Perennial herb 3
Veronica alpina Alpine speedwell Perennial herb  
Veronica serpyllifolia ssp. serpyllifolia Thyme leaf speedwell Perennial herb  
Viola affinis Sand violet Perennial herb  
  Lifeform: Fern1 plant
  Lifeform: Shrub12 plants
  Lifeform: Tree2 plants
Pink background indicates a plant is non-native.
! indicates a plant is potentially invasive.
NB: found in Alpine County is intended to indicate only plants found growing in the wild. However, the evidence is not always clear, and may occasionally include plants found in cultivation. To verify the wild presence of any particular plant in the list above, please click through to Calflora and look closely at the observations in this county.