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Merced County
Stanislaus County
Specialty Gardens  PROFILE 
Modesto 95357
Mariposa County
Madera County
Fresno County
Intermountain Nursery  PROFILE 
Prather 93651 wholesale, retail
Welker's Grove Nursery  PROFILE 
Shaver Lake
San Benito County
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Los Altos Hills, 94022 CNPS Santa Clara Valley N...
Capital Wholesale Nursery  PROFILE 
San Jose 95148
Grassroots Ecology Native Plant Nursery  PROFILE 
Palo Alto
Middlebrook Gardens  PROFILE 
San Jose 95126
Payless Nursery  PROFILE 
San Jose 95122







 Wild Plants in  Merced County

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What Grows Here?

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Native Trees that grow wild in Merced County:   Trees  •  Shrubs  •  Perennials  •  Annuals  •  Ferns
Acer negundo
Aesculus californica
Alnus rhombifolia
Cercis occidentalis
Fraxinus dipetala
Fraxinus latifolia
Juglans hindsii
Platanus racemosa
Populus fremontii
Prosopis glandulosa
Prosopis glandulosa var. torreyana
Prunus ilicifolia
Ptelea crenulata
Quercus agrifolia
Quercus douglasii
Quercus lobata
Quercus wislizeni
Salix exigua
Salix exigua var. hindsiana
Salix gooddingii
Salix laevigata
Salix lasiandra
Salix lasiolepis
Salix melanopsis
Sequoiadendron giganteum