California Native Plant Link Exchange

Find Plant Names in a Webpage  -  Insert Links

This tool will re-write an existing web page, inserting links to either Calflora or CNPLX wherever the scientific name of a wild California plant occurs. To see what plant names will be found, set Output to Text list of plant names.
Link to Output

    Note that the tool will work with plain text, HTML, or PDF documents. With HTML documents, the original formatting is preserved exactly. However, with PDF documents, the original formatting is lost, and the results presented as HTML.

  • To use this tool to develop an HTML page, the suggested method is
      1. choose Output = Html Code with links;
      2. copy and paste the resulting code into a file with a .html or .htm extension;
      3. upload the file to your website.

  • To use this tool to develop PDF documents, the suggested method is:
      1. write the document in plain text or HTML;
      2. use this tool to replace species names with links; and
      3. convert the result to PDF with a tool that preserves the links.

    To see exactly which plant names are found in a document and why, use this tool: Nomenclature Analyzer